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Equipment Rental Agreement

Sycares Equipment Rental Agreement

1. Pick Up and Drop Off Pick Up time for rental packages is no earlier than 3pm on the day before the rental period. Drop off is by 12 PM of the day following the rental period. Our regular hours of operation are Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5PM. With prior arrangement, earlier, later or weekend Pick Up and Drop Off times may be available. Failure to return the equipment by the stated return time may result in additional rental fees being charged.

2. Payment We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard. All rentals must be paid for at the time of Pick Up.

3. Liability: Sycares LLC, its owners, employees and affiliates accept no responsibility or liability for the operation of the rented equipment once it leaves the premises. All equipment is tested upon return and release to ensure a working state. Should the renter damage, lose, or in any way render the rented equipment unusable, the renter is solely responsible for all repair or replacement costs, shipping costs, as well as any rental fees for replacement equipment while the damaged or lost equipment is being repaired or replaced. The renter discharges. Sycares LLC, its owners, employees and affiliates free from any and all damages and liability related to the use, misuse or malfunction of the equipment during the rental period for any reason whatsoever.  Sycares LLC., its owners, employees and affiliates accept no liability or responsibility for damage or personal injury resulting from the use, misuse, or malfunction of the rented equipment. The renter hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss for theft, damage, destruction, or other any other injury from any and every cause whatsoever.

4. Security :The renter agrees to keep the rented equipment under the renter’s supervision at all times. Should the equipment need to be stored it will be stored in a safe, secure location. The renter agrees that should any damage to or theft of the equipment occur, it is the sole responsibility of the renter to immediately reimburse . for the full replacement cost or full repair costs of the equipment.

5. Insurance: The renter is required to have insurance and provide Sycares LLC with an insurance certificate where Sycares LLC shall be named as the loss payee for the full replacement value of the equipment. Should the renter not have insurance, Sycares LLC will take a fully refundable cash deposit or Credit Card Preauthorization for the value of the equipment. .

The renter shall provide Government Issued Photo Identification, Full Name, Company Name, Home or Company Address, Telephone Number and Email Address. The equipment shall not be released until all requirements are met.

This agreement is made between Sycares LLC. and (renter)________________________ The rental period shall commence on _______________ and terminate on _______________ at which point the equipment shall be returned to The Lockup Film Equipment Inc. Should the equipment not be returned on time, additional rental fees may apply as described above. Rental fee: $____________ Full Retail Value of the Equipment: $________________ Representative of The Lockup Film Equipment Inc. : ___________________ Renter: ______________________ signature

signature Date: YEAR /MONTH /DAY